How to get unlimited gems in temple run 2

Temple run is a beautiful experience. Some say its better than subway surfer since it has more graphics and cool rewards to collect. People used to play this game for hours until PUBG took its place.

Playing the game in platforms like windows and android is the best thing ever, and every player in the game has the dream of collecting maximum number of coins and unlocking hidden chests and features.

Now this article will inform you on how to obtain unlimited gems in temple run 2. The first and foremost thing to do, to collect unlimited gems, is through temple run cheat. This cheat is compatible with all the mobile platform and works like a dream.


Now before advancing into the details of collecting gems, this article will provide you an overview of the game, so that you know in what game your time gets invested upon. This is an endless running game that is developed by imangi studios.

This is produced by a couple namely a husband and a wife. Yes, you heard it right. They developers of the game are soulmates, who developed the game for IOS platform. Once temple was added in the apple store, it becomes one of the famous games of apple store by December 2011.

Later in the year precisely in march 2012 when the game began to get immense popularity, the game was made available on android devices. The concept of the game is crystal clear.

You are a player who has stolen a sacred idol and now you are being chased by the protectors of the goddess known as the monkeys.


To get the cheat to get unlimited gems, you first need to download a third-party application known as the filed explorer. You will find the cheat application in the google store, and then all you have to do is follow further instructions.

The installation process of this application is straightforward. All you have to do is replace the original file explorer present into the device with the ones that you got from the third-party store. Meaning there will be filed named as gamedata.txt.

Copy and paste this file into your android device. Once done shut off your phone and then reboot. Once rebooted you will see that all the necessary actions have taken place and you will get unlimited coins and gems.

Now the only thing to note is the fact that this cheat will only work in the new version of temple run 2. Cheats if applied in temple run one would not work.

If you concerned with the safety of your phone, then please don’t worry as these cheats are not fake and very much comfortable with your device.

Reddit users often recommend using legit sites to obtain cheat codes so that your device does not become vulnerable to any virus. So be sure to use a third party application that is genuine and available in the play store.